5 sessions of our Beginner + Survival Program (group class)
    Skindiving Program

Learn the following:

  • Basic survival skills
  • Basic freestyle
  • Treading
  • Floating and breathing techniques
  • The body’s response underwater
  • Proper equalization and breath holding techniques
  • Proper finning and duck diving
  • Basic safety

Course duration: 

Our Beginner + Survival Program includes 5 sessions – 1 hour per session 
Our Skindiving Program is approximately 4hrs (1 hour theory class & 2-3 hours pool class). 


P4,800.00 inclusive of gear rentals (for skindiving). 

Join our growing family now and discover the beauty of the underwater world with us!


For those with AQUAPHOBIA, we highly encouraged you to enroll in our PRIVATE 1:1 Beginner + Survival Program. Overcoming your fear of the deep water needs more time and individualized attention.

Note that aquaphobia is DIFFERENT from those with fear of the deep water, which is much more common. Aquaphobia is EXCESSIVE IRRATIONAL fear of ANY source of water. This can include being afraid of the water even if it’s only knee-deep.

To learn more about aquaphobia, you may visit the link here: https://www.healthline.com/health/aquaphobia#symptoms

This is open to non-swimmers and to those with zero knowledge in swimming.

Set your standards high and learn how to swim and skindive with the LEADING AND MOST EFFECTIVE survival swimming lesson provider for adults in Metro Manila and Batangas! 

Please click the link below to sign up: