Open Water Survival Course 
Did you know that swimming is an essential skill everyone at any age MUST learn first, before trying out any other open water related activities, such as skindiving, freediving, or scuba diving? 

You’ll never know where there could be instances where you’ll unexpectedly fall in the deep water, where your fins might get lost, or where your scuba diving gears might malfunction. In short, you’ll never know where your personal safety might be in jeopardy. Learning how to swim will provide you the ability to survive in the deep water if in case these situations arise. 

Dates – choose any one from the following: 

  • January 31 2021
  • February 20 2021
  • February 21 2021

Available slots per date:
5 slots ONLY – first come, first served. We will only secure your slot/s once payment has been made. Please email your proof of payment to 

This is a WHOLE ONE DAY session in an actual open water setting. The Program includes the following:

    •    Learning how to swim (breathing techniques, survival floating)

    •    Bonus snorkeling activity with free gear rentals 

    •    Two-way boat transfers

    •    Resort entrance fee


    •    8:00 AM – Class briefing

    •    8:30 – 11:00AM – Survival Class (might be extended depending on students’ progress) 

    •    11:00AM – 1:00PM : Lunch break

    •    1:00PM – 1:30PM : Snorkeling briefing 

    •    1:30PM – 4:00PM : BONUS snorkeling activity with gear rentals included 

Location: Bauan, Batangas – we will send further details, once payment has been made. 

Price: 3,500 

Things to bring:

    •    Swim cap,  Clear goggles,  Sunscreen, Food / Snack & Tumbler for drinks.

    •    Medical certificate / Travel Pass from your private doctor or Barangay. 

We are open to NON-SWIMMERS and ADULTS of all ages. 
*Note that land transportation going to the meet up place in Batangas is NOT included. Arrange your own land transportation. Food is also NOT included. We encourage everyone to bring your own lunch, snacks, and tumbler for water / coffee. 

Secure your slot/s here: