Swimming opens the door to other life experiences
Have you always wanted to kayak, scuba dive, surfing or just simply go to the beach and swim? Learning how to swim could open these sorts of exciting opportunities for you, without any fear of drowning.

Swimming is our passion and we want to share it with you. No matter what your age is, swimming is not only fun, but it will also keep you fit and healthy. Apart from that, the most important benefit of swimming is that it could save your life one day!

Your success in learning how to swim is our business. We guarantee remarkable results after 5 sessions. If not, we can extend more sessions FOR FREE! All we ask is your willingness to learn and your complete trust in our instructors.

Bring along a friend! 2 for 3,000php per person instead of 3200php each person for Beginner + Survival program (group class).

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For payment details: We require a full payment for each person to secure your place. We only accept via bank payment, online bank transfer, Paypal, Gcash and Paymaya. Please take a photo of your deposit slip or screenshot if via online fund transfer as a proof with your Full Name and Reference Number then send on our email info@swimtravelph.com . We will send you further details once the payment is settled.

SWT Swimming Lesson Services
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Paypal: info@swimtravelph.com
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We are looking forward to swim with you!
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For your company’s “Health and Fitness Reimbursements” or for any other reasons, we issue Official Receipt (OR) upon request.

Please be reminded that you may experience delays in email confirmations and/or inquiries during weekends.  
We apologize in advance, and we’re hoping for your consideration, as our admin office is only open during weekdays. 

Beginner Program + Swim survival (Group Class)

This stage is suitable for students who are new to swimming. Focus on the basic water skills, basic survival skills, basic strokes (Freestyle), treading and deep water orientation Goal for this program: To be comfortable in the Deep water. Overcoming water phobia, Improving water confidence, Learning to swim for holiday. 5 sessions with Treading and Swim survival program.

PHP 3,200.00

Beginner Program + Swim survival (Private 1:1)

1 on 1 private class with our Instructor (5sessions)

PHP 5,500.00

Beginner Program + Swim survival (Private 1:1)

1 on 1 private class with our Instructor (5sessions)

PHP 5,500.00

Skindiving Class

Discover the beauty of the underwater world with us. Join our growing family now!

PHP 1,999.00

Basic Swim Survival

Do you love beaches, but can’t swim? Let’s Swimtravel PH helps you to overcome your fear in Deepwater with Certified Swimming Instructors. The implementation of survival swimming is not meant to replace traditional swimming lessons, but rather to teach the basic fundamental skills necessary to survive an unexpected fall into water – an important first step to being safe around water. The focus is on survival and getting to safety.

PHP 1,999.00

2-Day Swim Crash Course

2-Day Swim Crash Course a great way to increase your confidence around water and introduce you to lessons which are also perfect for non swimmers, regardless of swimming skills – to help them make rapid progress and teach the basic fundamental skills necessary to survive an unexpected fall into water – an important first step to being safe around water. This is perfect starter for those people with busy schedule or has a limited time.

PHP 2,499.00

Intermediate Program

Enroll to our Intermediate program and you will be able to join us in doing several swimming drills that will make you become a better swimmer. Suitable for: Adults with basic swimming skills but struggle with longer distances. Students will be able to swim at least 200meters. In this class, you will gain proficiency in the following strokes: Freestyle, Breaststrokes and Backstrokes. Class Aims/Descriptions: to increase confidence in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke and work on endurance. We also look at new water skills. To entry for Intermediate program: You must be confident and know how to swim in the deep water and can swim 25meters nonstop freestyle.

PHP 3,500.00

Terms and Conditions
Pool Fees:
Pool fees are excluded in the enrolment fee. Pool fees are paid to the pool management, not Swimtravel PH.
Please be reminded that all venues (except Balintawak) are PRIVATE 5-20FT deep pools. 

To maximise the pool fee on SOME venues, we allow students to book a maximum of 2hrs (2 sessions) in one day, subject to slot availability. 

Any cancellation in less than 48 hours prior the scheduled swimming session will be subject to a cancellation fee of PHP400. Please be mindful that we have have blocked off all students from booking on your scheduled date and time, so any cancellation from you would equal a loss for us and for our other students. 

Any unattended scheduled session, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT NOTICE FROM THE STUDENT, would automatically be considered to be availed.

Enrollment fees are not refundable and not transferable.