Any skill that is practical in life is considered to be a life skill. Swimming is definitely a life skill that you need to learn, regardless of age.

Let’s enumerate some reasons why:

  1. Personal safety
    There will always be a time in your life where you will be bound to find yourself in or near the deep water, whether you are on a boating trip or just lounging by a pool that is deeper than your height. Your swimming skills can make or break you.
  2. Personal achievement
    As a personal goal to overcome any experience of drowning or phobia that you have in water.
  3. Enjoy travel
    Traveling is much more enjoyable when you know how to swim. Say goodbye to life-vests and say hello to a more fun and safe swimming.
  4. Bonding moment
    Enjoy bonding moments with your loved ones and create happy moments together on your future beach / pool holidays.
  5. Lose weight
    Swimming is a low impact exercise perfect for adults of all ages. Stay fit and healthy while staying fresh when you swim.
  6. Unlocks a whole new world in aquatics
    Swimming opens doors to other life-changing and exciting opportunities, such as skindiving, scuba diving, and surfing. Be more confident in trying out other water related activities when you learn the basics of survival swimming.

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