Enroll in our Intermediate Program, and join us in doing several swimming drills that will help you become a better swimmer.

A lot of our students who have successfully completed
our Beginner + Survival Program have been asking us,
“What’s the next ideal program to take?”. And because
we highly appreciate our students’ dedication to learn more, we specifically created a program designed for
those who want to improve their swimming skills to
the next level.

For Non-Swimtravel Alumni, to qualify for our Intermediate Program, you must be know how to
breathe underwater properly, be able to swim
confidently in deep pools, and can swim 50 meters
non-stop (any legitimate swimming stroke).
Students who SUCCESSFULLY finished our
Beginner + Survival Program are eligible in this

Those who enrolled in our Intermediate Program
that are NOT Swimtravel Alumni are subject
to the following
Terms and Conditions:

• The student shall be assessed by the coach if
he/she passes the Swimtravel standard
• Those who passed the assessment shall continue
with their Intermediate Program Lesson
• Those who failed otherwise will be transferred
to our Beginner + Survival Program where the student
will be taught the basics of survival swimming first.
• The Beginner + Survival Program is 5 sessions
only for P3,200. The P300 difference that you
initially paid in the Intermediate Program (P3,500)
will NOT be refunded anymore. This will serve as
your inconvenience fee to Swimtravel PH.

We take our swimming lessons seriously.
We have a certain degree of standard reserved for
our Intermediate students.

This is suitable for adults with the basic swimming skills, but are struggling to complete longer

To enhance endurance 
To swim at least 100 meters non-stop (freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke)
To increase confidence in the different swimming strokes
To learn the correct swimming stroke forms

This program is also perfect for those who are
planning to / who are joining triathlons, aqualthlons,
or other long distance swimming competitions. 

Course duration: 
Our Intermediate Program includes 7 sessions –
one hour per session. 

Schedules are pre-arranged and flexible. Booking of
slots are is a “first-come, first-served” basis. 

Grace swimming center, Balintawak QC
Aysn sports center, P.Tuazon QC
The City Club, Ayala ave., Makati

Price: P3,500