• How much is your swimming class per session?
    We don’t offer per session classes. We only offer full packaged program classes.
    Why? At Swimtravel PH, we firmly believe that your journey to a life-vest free swimming should follow a step-by-step process. It should be consistent and continuous – no shortcuts. 

    We take your learning journey very seriously. That is the reason why we require all our students to book at least one session once a week. This is to ensure that they won’t forget their lessons. 

    We want all our students to be water safe once they have finished their program with us. Every session included in our program will equip our students with the necessary knowledge on how to survive in the deep water – an important first step in preventing drownings.
  • Is there an age limit when learning how to swim?
    I’m already 50+ years old. Will I still learn how to swim? DEFINITELY! Learning how to swim has no age limit. We believe that you are never too old to learn how to swim.

    As adults, we understand the importance of staying fit and healthy. However, as we grow older, our bodies deteriorate. Swimming is an effective and low impact exercise to help you maintain an active lifestyle, but you have to learn it the PROPER WAY.  

    At Swimtravel PH, we made some necessary arrangements (based from a scientifically proven method) where we made sure that it will be easier for adults to learn how to swim. We don’t simply teach the methods used in competitive swimming for our Beginner + Survival Program, since these are normally taught to kids or teenagers.  

    Our method is designed for ADULTS OF ALL AGES, meaning it’s easy and low impact.
  • Why is our Beginner +Survival Program 5 sessions only? 
    Our teaching method, originally from Europe, but has been consistently developed here in the Philippines, is easy and proven effective, guaranteeing immediate yet remarkable results in just a short period of time. 

    We get straight to the point, no fuss. We don’t need to linger on too many unnecessary explanations or movements for you to learn how to survival swim ACROSS deep pools / waters for at least 25 meters non-stop or for you to tread (vertical float) relaxingly for more than one minute. We just need one hour of your day.✌🏼

    We also steer away from the traditional, sometimes outdated forms of teaching. We don’t need nor use the aid of any floatation devices to teach our students how to swim in the deep pool. We want our students to realize that they can float effortlessly without relying to it. 

    Your success in learning how to swim is our business. We guarantee remarkable results after 5 sessions. If not, we can extend more sessions FOR FREE. All we ask is your willingness to learn and your complete trust in our method and our instructors. 
  • How long do I need to learn to swim with Swimtravel PH?
    Our method, originally from Europe, is easy, proven effective, and backed with scientific evidence, where our students managed to learn with great results in just their first hour of lesson. Although each student’s ability to focus and to follow the instructions may vary, always remember that learning is a step-by-step process. Do not be pressured and take your time. Learning with us is not a competition. Just enjoy the process, and the results will eventually come. We offer 1 hour per session, but usually 30-45 minutes is enough. The most important thing is not to overtrain and to remain injury free while learning the basics of swimming.
  • Why are our sessions one hour each only?
  1. All our classes are just one hour PHYSICAL TRAINING each. Physical training classes, such as our Beginner + Survival swimming lessons, require concentration and mind-and-body coordination. Do you think you will be able to move 100% on full alert when you are tired already? We don’t think so too. Remember, we don’t just teach our students how to tread (vertical float) in one place, but we also teach them how to swim-rest-swim for at least 25 meters non-stop ACROSS deep pools towards their destination without relying to any floaters, wall, or floor too
  2. Attention Span – According to studies, the average adult has a maximum attention span of about 20 minutes. While they can re-focus their attention on the same activity repeatedly, it’s normal for lapses in attention to occur. Breaking a lesson, especially a PHYSICAL TRAINING lesson, into short and smaller pieces improves mind and body alertness and retention. Our coaches dive straight to the point with their instructions – not too technical and no fuss needed. We don’t need to linger on too many unnecessary explanations or movements for you to learn how to survival swim ACROSS a 12-20FT deep pool for at least 25 meters non-stop or for you to tread (vertical float) relaxingly for more than one minute. We just need one hour of your day.✌🏼
  3. Easy Scheduling – Our lessons are just one hour each, so it is easy to fit into our students’ busy schedules. We understand that most of our students are working and/or studying ADULTS. We pride ourselves in keeping our swimming lessons flexible, by allowing our students to book on our EXCLUSIVE BOOKING SITE. This would allow them to choose their preferred date, time, and venue on their own. They can even change venues per session, proving the best and hassle free experience possible. 

    How does our scheduling work? All swimming schedules are pre-arranged and flexible. You can consume your sessions once or twice a week, even everyday, as long as it is within the timeframe available per venue. 
    You may choose a different venue per session. Think of it as a gym membership where you can visit any pool around Metro Manila. All pools are PRIVATE 12-20FT deep and lap pools. We DON’T accept walk-ins.

    Those allowed in the pool venues are Swimtravel PH students only. Companions of students are not allowed in the pool area due to COVID-19 preventive measures. Booking of schedules is on a first-come first-served basis. We will only book your slot/s once payment has been made. We offer both weekday and weekend classes – day and night. Classes are one (1) hour per session. 
  • What to bring? Swim cap and Goggles (clear goggles are highly encouraged to enhance your deep pool experience). Proper swimming attire. Any fit clothing made of synthetic materials, such as dri-fit clothes. Rashguards and cycling shorts are acceptable (no board shorts nor shorts with pockets). Please be there 10mins before your scheduled lesson for shower and changing time. Rental: Goggles (PHP50) Swim cap (PHP50)

    Swimtravel PH Students may avail a 30% discount for their swimming gears from Diverspoint Store (San Juan & Makati). 
  • Are you affiliated with any other group?
    Please be guided that Swimtravel PH is NOT AFFILIATED with any other group / page. We are proud to be the first swimming lesson provider for adults in Metro Manila who introduced the method of teaching students on how to swim in the deep pool on their first class. 
    Our method, originally based from Europe and certified by the Swim Lesson University & ASCA, was created and designed with a very specific step by step order, prioritizing first the learning of the basic skills and techniques on how to survive in the deep water. 

    Learn how to swim confidently across a 12-20FT deep pool on your first day!
  • Do you have an actual office address? No, we don’t. 
    Swimtravel PH is a startup swimming lesson provider for adults that operates without an actual office. All non-physical transactions, such as inquiries and payments, are done online and fulfilled by our admin team. While all our swimming lessons are conducted by our coaches in our partnered deep pool and lap pool venues located around Metro Manila. 
    Registered DTI & BIR: SWT Swimming lesson services in Metro Manila. For your company’s “Health and Fitness Reimbursements” or for any other reasons, we issue Official Receipt (OR) upon request.
  • Why don’t our coaches normally dip in the pool during lessons?
    The Swimtravel PH scientific swimming and teaching method, based from and certified in Europe but has been continuously developed here in the Philippines, is designed as such that our coaches won’t be needing to be in the pool with their students to teach them how to swim.  

    We steer away from the traditional, sometimes outdated, forms of teaching. We don’t need nor use the aid of any floatation devices to teach our students how to swim in the deep pool. We want our students to move independently and realize that they can float effortlessly without relying to any floaters! 

    We trained our coaches to know how to clearly and effectively communicate their swimming instructions and techniques to their students. They don’t simply just give out instructions and ask their students to blindly follow or just copy their movements, but they make sure that the students understand why each and every movement is important. Poor communication ruins the overall quality of teaching. 

    However, if for some reason that the student is having difficulty with the instructions, rest assured that when the need arises to actually dip in the pool, our coaches would be willing and happy to do so. ✌🏼

    Our coaches will also be able to guide, teach, and give the proper feedback if they see their students’ every movement, from their heads to their toes. That is the VERY REASON why our coaches are positioned in a place where it is elevated – outside the pool. 

    Another reason is that it is for everyone’s safety. If the coaches are in an elevated position, they would be able to see all corners of the deep pool, thus will be able to see everything that is happening within the pool. It’s also significant to note the importance of minimizing contact with the students, especially during this pandemic. 

    Remember, there are different ways of teaching. This is how we prefer to do it.