• How long do I need to learn to swim with Swimtravel PH?
    Our method, originally from Europe, is easy, proven effective, and backed with scientific evidence, where our students managed to learn with great results in just their first hour of lesson. Although each student’s ability to focus and to follow the instructions may vary, always remember that learning is a step-by-step process. Do not be pressured and take your time. Learning with us is not a competition. Just enjoy the process, and the results will eventually come. We offer 1 hour per session, but usually 30-45 minutes is enough. The most important thing is not to overtrain and to remain injury free while learning the basics of swimming.
  • How much is your swimming class per session?
    We don’t offer per session classes. We only offer full packaged program classes.
    Why? At Swimtravel PH, we firmly believe that your journey to a life-vest free swimming should follow a step-by-step process. It should be consistent and continuous – no shortcuts. 

    We take your learning journey very seriously. That is the reason why we require all our students to book at least one session once a week. This is to ensure that they won’t forget their lessons. 

    We want all our students to be water safe once they have finished their program with us. Every session included in our program will equip our students with the necessary knowledge on how to survive in the deep water – an important first step in preventing drownings.
  • Is there an age limit when learning how to swim?
    I’m already 50+ years old. Will I still learn how to swim? DEFINITELY! Learning how to swim has no age limit. We believe that you are never too old to learn how to swim.

    As adults, we understand the importance of staying fit and healthy. However, as we grow older, our bodies deteriorate. Swimming is an effective and low impact exercise to help you maintain an active lifestyle, but you have to learn it the PROPER WAY.  

    At Swimtravel PH, we made some necessary arrangements (based from a scientifically proven method) where we made sure that it will be easier for adults to learn how to swim. We don’t simply teach the methods used in competitive swimming for our Beginner + Survival Program, since these are normally taught to kids or teenagers.  

    Our method is designed for ADULTS OF ALL AGES, meaning it’s easy and low impact.