Is it your goal to overcome your fear of the deep
water and to learn how to float longer? Let us help
you with the proper support from our experienced
and certified swimming instructors.

This stage is suitable to students who are new
in swimming or to those with zero knowledge
in swimming. Familiarize and build your confidence
in the deep water.

Learn from an easy and proven effective scientific
method of QUALITY teaching, guaranteeing immediate
yet remarkable results in just a short period of time.
 Why make it longer when you can learn in
just 5 sessions? This will not only save you time,
but will also save you travel expenses and
pool fees.🤔 #BeSmart 

Our best-selling Beginner + Survival Program is for
adults of all ages who are complete beginners or
who has zero knowledge in swimming. 
Price: P3,200 for group class & P6,500 for
private 1:1 class

*Certification for successfully completing our
Beginner + Survival Program is available
upon request. 

Bring along at least one friend, and avail the
Beginner + Survival Program (group class) for only
P3,000 per person instead of P3,200 per person.
For private classes, avail the same program for only
P5,500 per person instead of P6,500 per person
(2:1 set-up or 2 students : 1 instructor set-up).

Course duration: 
Our Beginner + Survival Program includes 5 sessions – one hour PHYSICAL TRAINING per session /. 
We allow students to book 2 succeeding sessions (a total of 2 hours) on the same date, to maximise the pool fee on SOME venues, subject to slot availability. 

Example: 1 session booking for 9:00 – 10:00 AM and another session for 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM.
The program must be completed within 35 days, and a minimum of 1 session must be booked per week, to ensure the progress between the instructor and the student.
Example: 5 sessions in 5 weeks.  

Schedules are pre-arranged and flexible. You may choose different venues for each session. We will give you access to our booking site that would allow you to choose your preferred dates once you have finished your first session. Booking of slots is on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Your success in learning how to swim is our business. We guarantee remarkable results after 5 sessions. If not, we can extend more sessions FOR FREE! All we ask is your willingness to learn and your complete trust in our method and our instructors.

We are also selling Swimtravel Merchandises, such as swim cap, clear goggles, and center snorkel (for intermediate).

This is a glimpse of what you will experience in our Beginner + Survival Program. Learn how to tread (vertical float) in a 12 to 20FT deep pool!

Terms and Conditions
Pool Fees:
Pool fees are excluded in the enrolment fee.
Pool fees are paid to the pool management,
not Swimtravel PH.Please be reminded that
all pools are PRIVATE 5-20FT deep pool and
lap pool venues. 

To maximise the pool fee on SOME venues,
we allow students to book a maximum of
2hrs (2 sessions) in one day, subject to
slot availability. 

Any cancellation in less than 48 hours prior the scheduled swimming session will be subject to a cancellation fee of PHP400 / person (P500 / person for skindiving). Please be mindful that we have blocked off all students from booking on your scheduled date and time, so any cancellation from you would equal a loss for us and for our other students. 

Any unattended scheduled session, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT NOTICE FROM THE STUDENT, would automatically be considered to be availed.

Any unattended scheduled session that has not been paid a cancellation fee by the student, would automatically be considered to be availed.