42451808_1637155389781339_7829496875462950912_o.jpgLearn scientific method with easy simple steps, fast, effective and Immediate results within just 5 sessions from zero knowledge of swimming .

Why make it longer? if you can learn in just 5 sessions which will save time, travel expenses and pool fee. (If you’re going to calculate the total cost). We have the tools to help you achieve your results in a short space of time. That’s why we are considered as the cheapest and the top quality swimming lesson in Metro Manila! (See the client reviews)

Swimtravel PH method is originally based from Europe and certified by Swim Lesson University & ASCA. The method was created with very specific step by step order, prioritizing in learning the basic skills first. The method is designed to accelerate the students progress and to achieve maximum results within a short period of time.

We guarantee that you will learn to swim after 5 sessions. If not, we can extend more sessions FOR FREE!

Swimtravel PH Instructors are very experienced in teaching adults and deal with any anxieties that you may have. Would you love to be able to swim effortlessly? We believe anyone can master the ability with the right help and support. 1-2-1 lessons are a great place to start or by group. You can get an individual attention you need. You can learn how to be confident and most importantly comfortable in the water by learning the strokes step by step. Our approach will allow you to overcome any anxiety and fear you might have and you will be swimming independently before you know it.

Our Lead Instructor “Coach Griin” has been teaching, observing, analyzing the behaviour of students of all ages, at different levels of competence, background, and community. Throughout her experience, she observed that there are many different methods to teach swimming, many different ways to learn from different countries and backgrounds with different intentions and goals. So she made the method step by step basic, complete and ultra effective simple steps with full explanations as to how and why each step works and leads to progression of the next step.

Since the age of 20, Griin has studied and taught in the British education system. She has been teaching different age groups from kids to adults.

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