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For payment details:
The next step is to settle payment as soon as possible to secure your slot. We strictly enforce payment first before we begin with your lesson. Kindly email your proof of payment to Please expect a reply once we have confirmed it. 

Bank details:
Jelyn Baldonado
Account number: 0049 8028 6987

Jelyn Baldonado
Account number: 2999 1858 03

Jelyn Baldonado

For Paypal transaction please add 150PHP on the top of Enrolment fee for Paypal charge. 150php will go to Paypal.

Jelyn Baldonado
0905 386 4849

We are looking forward to swim with you! 

DTI & BIR Registered
For your  company’s “Health and Fitness Reimbursements” or for any other reasons, we issue Official Receipt (OR) upon request.