Fat Burning Water Workout Program.
Do you wanna lose weight? Are you getting bored with the treadmill? Hit the pool to scorch fat and improve your stamina. With our well trained Swimming Instructors will help you to achieve your Summer Body, without being hard on yourself! It’s no secret that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to sculpt your body and lose weight, Like any regular exercise , pool workouts are great stress relieves too.
So Are you ready to get in shape? It’s time to put your pool to work for you!

Swimming lesson venue:
Pasig City  (Philsports Complex).
Ortigas extension (Night classes only).

Price: PHP2,200 for 8sessions (1hr per session).

Bring along a friend! 2 for PHP2,000 per person instead of PHP2,200 each person.
Open to Non-swimmer.

Please follow the link below to sign up ,