Do you want to learn how to swim, but
you have limited time or have a very busy schedule?
Our 2-Day Swim Crash Course
is a perfect start for you! Boost your confidence around water and learn the fundamental skills necessary to survive
an unexpected fall into deep water – an important first step in saving your life, in just 2 days.

With this program, you’ll be able to learn
the following:

• Breathing techniques
• Snorkelling without any floatation devices
• Treading • Survival floating Goals:
• To swim and float across deep waters
• To build up your confidence even
without the use of any floatation
devices or gears

Discretion: For those with AQUAPHOBIA,
we highly encouraged you to enroll in our PRIVATE 1:1 Beginner + Survival Program. Overcoming your fear of
the deep water needs more time and individualized
attention. Note that aquaphobia is DIFFERENT from those with fear of the deep water, which is much more
common. Aquaphobia is EXCESSIVE IRRATIONAL fear of
ANY source of water. This can include being afraid of the water even if it’s only knee-deep.
To learn more about aquaphobia, you may visit the link here:

Price: P2,799
Course duration: Our 2-Day Swim Crash Course Program includes 2 sessions (2 hours per session). The program must be completed within 14 days or a minimum of 1 session must be booked per week to ensure the
progress between the instructor and the student.

Example: 2 sessions in 2 weeks. Schedules
are pre-arranged and flexible. You may choose different venues for each session.

Terms and Conditions
Pool Fees: are excluded in the enrolment fee. Pool fees are paid to the pool management, not Swimtravel PH.
Please be reminded that all pools are PRIVATE 5-20FT deep pool and lap pool venues. 

To maximise the pool fee on SOME venues, we allow students to book a maximum of
2hrs (2 sessions) in one day, subject to slot availability. 

Any cancellation in less than 48 hours prior the scheduled swimming session will be subject to a cancellation fee of PHP400 / person. Please be mindful that we have blocked off all students from booking on your scheduled date and time, so any cancellation from you would equal a loss for us and for our other students.  Any unattended scheduled session, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT NOTICE FROM THE STUDENT, would automatically be considered to be availed. Any unattended scheduled session that has not been paid a cancellation fee by the student, would automatically be considered to be availed. Enrollment fees are NON-REFUNDABLE NOR TRANSFERABLE.